Intiman Theatre                                                            Black Nativity (8 annual productions)                                         Jacque Moscou
                                                                                    Ghosts                                                                                     Richard E.T. White
                                                                                    Candida                                                                                    Penny Metropolus
                                                                                    Intimate Exchanges                                                                    Elizabeth Huddle
                                                                                    How the Other Half Loves                                                               Burke Walker
                                                                                    A Streetcar Named Desire                                                         Elizabeth Huddle
                                                                                    Misalliance                                                                                  Susan Fenichell
                                                                                    Aristocrats                                                                                      Warner Shook
                                                                                    The Rivals                                                                                   Elizabeth Huddle
                                                                                    The Road to Mecca                                                                     Susan Fenichell
                                                                                    Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead                                     Warner Shook
                                                                                    Hamlet                                                                                         Elizabeth Huddle
                                                                                    Angel Street                                                                                    Warner Shook
                                                                                    Little Foxes                                                                                Richard Edwards
                                                                                    Man and Superman                                                                     Elizabeth Huddle
                                                                                    Vikings                                                                                            Warner Shook
                                                                                    The Play’s the Thing                                                                    Laird Williamson