Seattle Children’s Theatre                                          The Borrowers                                                                                       Rita Giomi
                                                                                   The Brementown Musicians*                                                           Linda Hartzell
                                                                                   Getting Near to Baby                                                                             Rita Giomi
                                                                                   Pharoah Serket and the Lost Stone of Fire*                                       Kurt Beattie
                                                                                   The Wizard of Oz                                                                            Linda Hartzell
                                                                                   The Hundred Dresses                                                                    Allison Narver
                                                                                   The BFG                                                                                                Rita Giomi
                                                                                   Addy: An American Girl Story*                                                        Linda Hartzell
                                                                                   Harriett’s Halloween Candy*                                                       Kathleen Collins
                                                                                   Honus and Me*                                                                                 Steven Dietz
                                                                                   Sleeping Beauty*                                                                                   Rita Giomi
                                                                                   A Year with Frog and Toad                                                                 David Saar
                                                                                   The Red Badge of Courage*                                                          Linda Hartzell
                                                                                   The Secret Garden                                                                              Rita Giomi
                                                                                   The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle*                                         Rita Giomi
                                                                                   The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe                                         Linda Hartzell
                                                                                   Our Only May Amelia*                                                                Kathleen Collins
                                                                                   Charlotte’s Web                                                                                 David Saar
                                                                                   Johnny Tremain*                                                                                  Rita Giomi
                                                                                   Animal Farm                                                                                         Rita Giomi
                                                                                   The Boxcar Children*                                                                           Rita Giomi
                                                                                    Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse*                                                            Steven Dietz
                                                                                   The Tempest                                                                                         Rita Giomi
                                                                                   Doors*                                                                                                   Rita Giomi
                                                                                    Mother Hicks*                                                                                      Rita Giomi